Ravenloft, Horrors of the Mists

Gothic Horror Ravenloft, the Demiplane of Dread, is a land of gothic horror where monsters are real and may lurk in every shadow. The undead and primal beasts roam the wilds and await the unlucky or foolish with a horrible death (or worse). The lands are filled with dark and gloomy castles and haunted mansions set in desolate landscapes and inhabited by ghosts and other specters. The cities are havens from these threats, but are home to the most dangerous of creatures, mankind.

The world was conjured from the darkest fears of the living and it is a place where the ambitious and greedy become imprisoned by their own desires. The forces of darkness are often readily apparent – shambling zombies, terrible vampires, the vengeful ghosts. However the true threats are often subtle and work within the shadows sometimes never revealing themselves, evil masterminds who plot to dominate the masses. However, the most dangerous threats to the inhabitants of these lands are their own minds.

Still, even in this realm of terror, there are individuals who strive to hold back the light for another day or to ease the suffering of the inhabitants. For the few who stand up and fight the darkness the land acts as a crucible that transforms them into powerful agents of good. These people shine out like a candle in the darkness, a source of hope and inspiration to the inhabitants. Sadly, this light also attracts the creatures of darkness who would attempt to extinguish the flame.

This campaign follows a unlikely group of heroes that finds themselves within the misty lands of Ravenloft. Will they take up arms against the evil of the land or succumb to its temptations? Will they struggle to free themselves from its misty borders or surrender to what fate has given them?

Ravenloft, Horrors of the Mists

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