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Horros of the Mists Wiki Recorded here is the knowledge that has been uncovered by the heroes in this land of mists. It is hoped that the information presented here will help those who have taken up the fight against the darkness and make their struggles easier.

Information on the creatures encountered will detail their strengths and vulnerabilities, the habits and habitats. The cities and towns traveled to will be described along with the notable citizens encountered (both helpful and otherwise), as well as important events can be found on the following pages.

Be warned, the information contained here is what has been uncovered by these adventurers as they travel in this strange land. It is what they think is the truth, what they have experienced from their point of view. Many things are not what they appear to be and some things they may believe to be true are nothing more than lies. Only the foolish take things at face value; the wise are ever cautious.

The information contained here is tagged with one or more of the following keywords to help organize the information.

City: A noteworthy settlement of peoples in the lands.

Monster: The creatures that the party interacts with, helpful or harmful.

Geography: Having to do with the natural, and sometime unnatural, features of the land.

History: Topics having to do with the people, places and event through time.

Item: Note worthy objects magical or mundane that have importance.

Nation: Each of the 30-some known nations will have its own keyword for topics that are related to it.

NPC: Non-Player Characters; people of importance who have interacted with or become known to the player characters.

Race: Intelligent and generally civilized folk that inhabit the lands.

Religion: One of the many faiths.

Society: One of the various groups of people who associate for a common goal, sometimes openly, other times secretly.

Vistani: The people, events and stories related to the gypsies.

Main Page

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