Ravenloft, Horrors of the Mists


A small town surrounded by a ancient dark forest has come under attack by a foul creature of the night, a vampire. As each night passes more people become its victim, with two red marks on their bodies where the creatures has drained their blood. Only a few have died so far, but as the population weakens death is more common.

The town turned to the church of the Raven Queen to aid them in the struggle against the vampire. A young cleric named Dolora is tasked with hunting down the vampire and stopping it. Knowing that she is no match for such a powerful creature, she recruits a veteran paladin of the church Brandis who has had much more experience in destroying the creatures of the night.

Their first task was to find the creature’s carefully hidden lair. They searched every location they could think of, but were unable to find it. With no new ideas on where to look, the pair turned to a local scholar who was well versed in matters of the occult, Jarren. With his help they were able to discover the lair, hidden deep in the forest among some long forgotten ruins.

The group knew that their fight against the vampire would be difficult at best and that they would be unlikely to defeat the creature alone. A young sell-sword named Jonn was making a name for himself in the town and was hired by Dolora to help defeat the nosferatu. The four journeyed into the forest at dawn, hoping to find the vampire during its most vulnerable time.

Dark forestThe lair of the vampire was carefully hidden and cleverly trapped, but the group prevailed and found themselves before the coffin of the vampire. With a quick strike of holy water, stakes and swords, the creature was vanquished. With its last moments it spat a foul curse at the group…

’though you may have defeated me today, you shall never defeat the darkness itself. May you spend the rest of your days pursuing such an impossible task.

Disturbed by the creature’s words, but paying it no special attention, the group left the crypt into the forest as the sun began setting…



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