Ravenloft, Horrors of the Mists

The Walking Dead

The Swamp

Lost in the Mists
As the adventurers made their way out of the dark forest the sights and sounds of the became obscured by a cold clinging, creeping fog. The fog continued to thicken, its dampness caressing them like cold, dead hands, until all that could be seen was the mist. After a moment of total silence, the mist began to warm, transforming into hot and humid air.

The ground beneath their feet turned soft and wet and they discovered they were in a dismal swamp. The trees that became visible as the mist thinned were twisted with claw-like branches reaching out. A foul odor issued from the murky water. Overhead, through the tangled branches, the sky also appeared strange. The stars had subtly changed positions and the moon appeared closer, nearly full. Menacing clouds began to roll across the western sky like a curtain of black smoke. In a few moments, the clouds had blotted out the feeble starlight completely. A storm appeared to be brewing – a very bad storm.

Denizens of the Swamp
Swamp crocodile 1Stranded in the swamp, the group struggled to find shelter from the murky waters and get their bearings. Finding a rocky outcropping and some dry wood, the adventurers were able to keep warm and dry. The brewing storm was threatening, but the clouds did not break. The group took turns on watch during the night, Brandis, Dolora and Jonn took watches and heard many strange sounds, catching only glimpses of creatures moving beyond the firelight. The night lasted longer than expected and Jarren took the last watch.

As dawn broke, Jarren was half asleep when he was attacked by an enormous crocodile, who latched onto Jarren’s leg and began to drag him into the swamp. Awoken by his screams, the rest of the group quickly began to attack the monster and try to save their friend. Dolora lept in, cursing the beast in the name of the Raven Queen. Brandis moved into melee as well, distracting the beast so that it let go of Jarren and attacked him instead. Jonn initially stayed at range, firing his crossbow before engaging it in melee. Eventually, with Jarren’s magic, the beast was defeated.



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