Human Paladin (Cavalier)


“There are monsters in the darkness – we must show them they can’t hide!”

Brandis is a tall man just entering his thirties. He is physically strong and likable, although the tragedies of his past have made him somewhat aloof around strangers. In times of action he is equally adepts at giving or receiving orders. His light brown hair is almost blonde and kept neat and short. His armor and weapons are worn but well cared for.


Brandis is a member of a military order in the church of the Raven Queen. As a young man he dedicated his life to the preservation of her ideals, and hunt those who would seek to cheat death, especially the undead. He never sought glory or took needless risks when performing his duties, whether by head-on battle or more subtle methods.

Brandis gave up a life as a active paladin in the service of the Raven Queen, after his family became the victims of the very undead creatures he was hunting. Recently he was approached by the cleric Dolora to help him in her quest to hunt down a vampire. Moved by her passion, he decided to come out of retirement and help her.


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