Human Warlock (Binder)


“Scared of the dark? No? Well, give it a few minutes, you may change your mind.”

Jarren is typically found wearing leather armor, dirty from the dusty libraries and crypts he has visited. He carries a blue rod topped with a 4 fingered claw. He is tall, but slender, the price for spending too much time with his books.


From a young age, you learned that magic was the key to unlocking fundamental secrets of the universe. You eagerly dove into eldritch tomes to learn from the masters of bygone ages. When the limit of your learning was reached, you yearned for more. Seeing no alternative you entered into a pact with a shadowy entity – it would provide you with more power in exchange for the spiritual energy of the foes you defeated.

You have never been overly concerned with whether things should be know and you have never been squeamish about disturbing concepts and horrid revelations. Most people do not understand your study of the dark arts, and so you carefully masquerade as a wizard and librarian to avoid unpleasant encounters in the town.

Fate has handed you a unique opportunity – a local tiefling priest has asked you to aid her and an elven companion in hunting down a vampire. Always eager to gain practical, first-hand knowledge (as well as to keep repaying your debt to benefactor) you agreed.


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