Human Fighter (Slayer)


“Return them to the Earth!”

You appear as you really are, a young man full of energy who is eager to prove himself. Your training has made you strong and quick on your feet, two assets that keep you alive longer than your enemies. Your gear is the best you could afford with all of your savings, but it has yet to be tested in battle. The confidence you show in battle hides your inexperience.


As a child, you were always scrabbling for better things — good food, a nice place to sleep, clean clothes — and you took on any job to get them. Over the years, you’ve picked up many useful knacks that have served you well on the streets. You’ve also tried to establish a reputation for having standards and being reliable even under difficult conditions.

You’ve found that capable warriors are always in demand, and the more desperately they’re needed, the better paid they are. You’ve practiced you skills with the sword and crossbow, knowing that they need to be at their peak in order to survive and collect your pay. As an established freelancer you’ve worked a few jobs hunting down outlaws but have yet to make a name for yourself.

Recently, you took on work with an adventuring party, hoping the work to be more exciting than your usual tasks.


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